Sunday, May 22, 2011

Malacca Part 1 - The Journey, The Hotel and Malacca River Cruise

Saturday noon after work, we were off from KL, and then heading further south to spend few days at Malacca. The journey was tiring, normally it takes 2 hours to get there, but it took 5 hours! Imagine you sit in a car under the hot sun, traffic was so terrible and moving at a slow pace? Plus you were bloody hungry.
The journey

This is the place where we stay, Everly Resort  Hotel. We arrived at the hotel around 9pm and have a quick dinner before get into our room. Since we were late, there’s no vacant seat for us. Urgh sad.  No choice, thus we have to enjoy the dinner with the VIPs. It was buffet dinner, but I can’t do my buffet routine (5 plates of foods haha) since I sat in a same table with the VIPs. The food was oke, nothing exciting at all
This is my dinner
Oke before that let me do a review for the room. Despite spacious room, there are a few things that I don’t like. I do not expect to have old furniture, old tv, stain here and there on carpet. I don't deserve this for 4 star hotel, it look luxury from the outside but run down for the interior. On the good side, the staffs are quite friendly especially from the front desk. The room is spacious and is great for a big family to gather for quality time
So after we have done with dinner, and someone (can’t remember who) suggest we need to consider a river cruise since we in Malacca.
Yes it was exciting experience. A 40 minute cruise along a river cutting right through the city, with beautiful kampung house on each side. It was awesome. I saw many murals on the buildings and it tells the history of Malacca.

Watching people having their breakfast

Next day, I woke up late and what a beautiful Sunday morning and the sky was a bluebird! I was super hungry looking for a breakfast. The breakfast menu from the hotel mostly a local society cuisine. Not much choice available and the taste 2.5/5. I’m sorry hotel but the food was totally under my expectation
View from front

View from back
Forget about the food, back of the hotel, a beautiful garden around the swimming pool and looks straight onto the beach.
This is me

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