Friday, October 29, 2010

Bad Eyebrow

 Nice skin, satin silky lips but the eyebrow..! L
Black, bold and thick eyebrow look is in right now. Yes I know that but not for those who already have dark eyebrows and hair. Katy has really black hair, black eyebrows, and black eyelashes. The penciled in eyebrows look overpowering. But she still look gorgeous, though. 
With bangs too, but better eyebrow J

This is what u’ll get when u overplucked ur eyebrow.
But, once u overplucked, don’t simply tenyeh ur eyebrow. U’ll get this.

Don’t shave off ur eyebrow and draw them with pencil. U should leave hair there. 
Auch..What she was thinking..? We have serious problem here. She needs to get a mirror, huge one and re-examine that situation going on above her eyes, because we have a serious problem.
U again..? Enough. Get off from here. U scared people.
“I wanna show ‘em my jelingan sexy ever” 

Tak sexy pon..Thats scary.

“I know im sexy. My eyes are sexy and my lips are kissable”


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Coconut Jelly Cap Fifi

This is basic ingredients that u need.

Plain jelly powder

Young coconut juice (mixed with sugar when i bought it)


First, u gotta be sure that air kelapa tu is room temperature. So let's get started.

Add 2 1/2 tbsp sugar + half glass of plain water + 3/4 plain jelly. Stir them quickly to avoid jelly lumpy. Stir n stir n bring to boil(low heat). 
The reason y I dont use the whole packet of plain jelly, because I want my jelly become smooth and chewy. Lagi pun I guna sebijik je kelapa muda.

This is sugar + water + jelly

While the mixture still hot, tapis kan dia. I don't want my coconut jelly nampak ketul2. Stir them quickly before it getting set to hardened. 

Boil again. Sambil tunggu nak didih, asingkan air kelapa dengan isi kelapa. Why..? I tamau isi kelapa i jadi lembik sbb kene hot temperature. Tak besh nak geget.

This is isi kelapa muda

Pour air kelapa muda into the mixture. As mentioned above (eceh formal mcm nak buat letter lak), air kelapa tu mesti room temp. sebab kalau air kelapa tu sejuk from the fridge, then mix with hot jelly, it will set quickly. Nanti tak sempat nak kacau, berketul2 sangat tak syok utk di makan.

Agak2 the jelly mixture n air kelapa dah mix properly n mesra (bak kata mak i dlu), it ready to be pour into bekas. I dont wait until it boil, sebab tak sabar. 

Pour into bekas. Suka hati u lah nak bekas apa, bentuk love ke 4 segi ke bulat ke. Im using the clear container isi Tau Foo Fah yang beli kat pasar malam tu. Earlier I asing kan the isi coconut, now isi coconut tu letak dalam bekas. 

Suka hati u lah nak mana2 banyak mana sikit. Nak berat sebelah ke nak adil ke..Ehehe digress!

1 biji kelapa muda and the other ingredients can make 3 bekas ni.

Best to leave jelly in the refrigerator so it'll be nice n cool.

1 biji kelapa muda = RM2.80
Plain jelly        = RM1.90
Sugar, water, periuk, sudu, senduk, strainer, gas = free

RM 4. 70 for 3 bekas or RM 1.60/bekas. What u'll get from pasar malam for 1 small bekas..? RM 1.20. What a big different. Sennorot kan. It just need ur kerajinan n usaha. :)

Happy weekend, everyone.

FOTD : Chocolate Banana

**pardon my messy hair

Saturday, October 23, 2010

How Do I Shape My Brow

I haven’t trim my eyebrow for month to prepare this entry J

Oke. On my eyebrow, I want to shape them up a bit, but not give an extreme arch.  I will work with what I currently have, that’s my rule. So let’s begin.
Brush ur eyebrow straight up. Cut the excess hairs that longer coming out of natural shape on top. Kasi potong itu bulu kening mcm lalang J hua hua.. Some people will brush the eyebrow downward n cut again the excess hair below the brush, but I just don’t that. Next :
Brush eyebrow to remove sepahan2 kening yang u dah potong tadi.
I start off dengan yang atas. Pull ur eyebrow lateral gently, n using tweezer, tweeze the upper hair. Unfortunately I can’t show u how I pull my eyebrow bcoz 1 hand holding the camera n another 1 holding the tweezer. Remember to follow ur natural shape. Jangan nak buat kening McDonald lak.

Next, tweeze the lower hair at ‘a’ area. For better precision, pull ur eyebrow up.
** don’t pull ur eyebrow too harsh, I worry nanti natural shape akan lari. Kalau u not very firm on this, trim sikit2 then stop. Look in the mirror, step back, n see how u are doing. Mana la tau u overpluck ke, tak simetri ke, kanan kening Ziana Zain kiri kening McDonald. Hehe

‘b’ area. I just trim ‘em follow the natural shape. Trim gently upward.
Step back n see is there any part yang u kene trim lagi. 

Take a brown eyebrow pencil. But for me, I pilih yang natural looking like dark brown eye shadow. Make sure it is matte finish. Then apply it lightly and evenly with a firm bristled angled brush, using short sharp strokes across the brow to fill in any gaps. Kalau u tak sure the color outcome, u can test on ur hand dulu. Mana la tau the color too dark ke, too light ke kan.
Finish off with brow gel. And u done! Oh yea, kalau u feel a bit hurt after trimming, rub a moisturizer on the brow area. It can heal. 


 Always go for dark brown color for eyebrow, no black please. Unless u nak buat Arabian or gothic make up look. Because I found that black makes ur face look darker, older n tak natural langsung. Macam apa tau..macam ada lintah kat kening. Hee..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No more Monday Blues

Monday night : Sit down on my bed before lying down to sleep, n tell myself that next morning im going to wake up one hour earlier than usual. Why..? Jemur baju n make some breakfast. :)

Waking up earlier gives me more time in the morning, so why not enjoying nourishing n tasty breakfast..? Even a simple one, bujang la katakan. Prepare something that i love.

**roti nak expired on next day, so buat extra n bawa bekal for lunch skali

This is my lunch

"eh cukup ke tu..?"

"cukup tau.."

Dia tak tahu I bantai 6 keping beskut cicah nescafe lepas makan sandwich tu.

5pm. Damn my brain not working coz it got msg from ferut says " I need food food food". Sate Burger Nasi Lemak. Lapar oke nampak bulan bintang dah. Luckily i survived until 6pm n drive back home. Dinner..?
This is Nasi Goreng Ayam
 The best Nasi Goreng Ayam ever versi warung. Where..?

Somewhere in Kampung Pandan

Kalau I cakap sedap, memang sedap..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

They are so special

Last week I had a dinner at Madiha’s place, a great dinner I can say. Sambil2 tanya khabar with the family members n tgk baby Shahadah.

** Madiha is my best friend ever. Love her. Huu sedey nak peluk.

Stret to the topic pelis. Oke, Madiha ada adik, nama dia Abdul Azim. Paksu Azim now, and he is special. Insan istimewa, syndrome down. I memang sayang sangat dengan insan syndrome down ni. Sennorot tengok gelagak happy dieorg sampai tak perasan I dah setelkan 3 pinggan makanan. Siap tapau lagi..huhu sungguh tak malu tp mak Madiha yang suh tapau. FYI, makcik I aged 42 pun syndrome down. Alhamdulillah she survive until now, still.

Left : Abdul Azim Right : Mufeeq
Tengok dieorg, happy kan. Bless them.

I perati diaorg, I sayang diaorg, sayang sangat. Bersyukur dengan pemberian Allah s.w.t. ALHAMDULILAH

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to the world, Lili Fatnin

I just reached home, from Shah Alam visiting a cousin who just delivered a baby girl name Lili Fatnin (L.I.L.I with I not Y). Damn fenat but too excited nak transfer – edit – upload into blog.

Jangan cakap banyak meh kita nengok gmbor Lili

This is Lili Fatnin

Lili just like other babies are wonderful. Dribble, spit, and make lots and lots of dirty diapers. She can't talk, walk, or go to the bathroom like we do! Because she need so much care, Abi and Umi (and Granny too) will be busy making sure the she gets the rest, food, clean diapers, and love she needs.

This is Lili's thick black hair

This is Lili's little hairy ears

This is Lili's cute little arm

It can be a lot of fun to have a new baby in the house I believe, but it can be tiring, too. You might love the baby right from the start. 

So dearie cousins - Abang D and Kak Fiza, happy parenting. Abang D sudah2 la pangai cam budak2, dah jadi bapak org dah. Kak Fiza, enjoy the confinement. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

PMS I don’t hate u.

Apa yang u all bole buat masa tengah menderita akibat sengungut..? J sepak2 dinding..? or mengamuk tak tentu pasal..? Meh I citer pasal PMS. PMS adalah Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

First entry, I nak post an explanation why we (women) sometimes have the urge to throw the emo on our men during PMS and how you (men) should understand, be patience and leave us be. Hehe. Kadang2 boipren/husband kita tak paham kan.. Ikut je apa yang we all nak, jangan merungut sebab skali sebulan je kite alami ni.. Hehe

Actually, bukan nya we all sengaja nak emo2, bcoz we all sensitip to the hormonal shifts masa menstrual cycle tu. Ada org b4 period dia emo, ada org masa tgh period..ada org end of period and ada org whole period tu dia emo J
(See…. we didn’t do it purposedly, it’s the hormone)

Biasanya masa PMS ni, gejala2 yang berlaku kat we all adalah cepat sentap, over sensitip, mood swing cepat sgt, cepat letih, nak moody2 tak tentu pasal, sengal badan sana sini, muka jadi oily masa tu ler jerawat nak datang menyinggah (tak suka tau), pastu kuat craving. I tak period pun selera mmg macam org datang bulan. Paling seksa is period pain, some women sampai kena MC, ada yang muntah2, even collapse. I penah experienced angkat kawan I collapse sbb period pain ni..sampai termuntah2 dia u, nak marah pun tak guna sbb dia tgh sakit kan. nasib bek dia ringan n bole papah.

** dulu I emo sangat sbb PMS sampai hampir breakoff ngn boipren sbb tak dpt makan McD. Ntah pape betul la bila ingat balik. Don’t let the emo control u.

Personally, I tak ada serious problem dengan period pain, n even now I rasa selesa when the time come sbb I consume EPO daily..haa..apakah itu EPO..?

Oke kita citer pasal EPO pula yea. EPO stands for Evening Primrose Oil. I consume EPO ni since I was a student lagik. Currently I consume EPO from Cosway. J

This is mine, from Cosway

EPO really can help u with symptoms of PMS, macam mood swings, bloating, and lenguh sana sini.. betul u, I tak tipu. Bonus EPO yang I (and u too) dpt enjoy ialah kulit I ada santek sikit – healthy glowing gitu, itu bintik2 merah bila period tak ada la sgt nak menyinggah, rambut kurang le gugur..oleh itu I vacuum umah skali seminggu je sbb tak byk rambut gugur..kalau dlu pun, lot a hair falls skali seminggu juga I vacuum J hehe.

Tapi tak semestinya u all kene consume EPO brand Cosway juga same as mine. The choice its all urs, either MLM brands or those in the pharmacies, mcm Blackmores ke Kordel ke Biolife ke Seven Seas ke Efamol ke. 

This is belong to Kak Rose, From Kordel's

Always be a smart consumer - Bila u nak beli EPO, do check the % of GLA available in each capsule. Ada dia tulis belakang botol tu. The higher the %, the purer the EPO and I percaya sgt it will be more effective.  Serasa2 I la, Efamol is the best EPO (wei Efamol tak baya I oke utk ni) each capsule contains 33% GLA. Tapi mahal sikit lah. Tapi the expensive price we are paying is worth it lah. But im doing just fine with Cosway, each capsule contains 10% GLA. Honestly, a week after consume EPO from Cosway, itu bintik2 merah dah tamau tumbuh.. (me suffering from acne problem due to makan jamu – gatai sangat padan muka)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Salam and Greetings, everyone!

Fifi is the name and i'm new to this blogger thing so please be patient. Haha people used to have a blog for years, baru skrg I nak ada blog sendiri..well, better than never. My blogging will be anything that comes across my mind. I don’t know what the next entry will be. Another thing you will notice is that I digress a bit. I just speak @ type as I think. Which I guess is a good thing. So u guys out there, enjoy ur stay here.