Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Melt a Lipstick

This entry is essentially about re-using your old, unusable lipsticks to make new lipsticks. I hate when my favourite lipstick gets broken, or sometimes it get stuck in the cap when I close it in a rush. When my lipstick is over, there is still some of it left in the container, the last bit that won’t roll up but is still sitting in. You want to be able to use your lipstick in all the above mentioned cases. It’s cheap, easy and very handy. You can reduce wastage and save money too.
This is a fun project that you can carry out in your kitchen at home. You can even be creative and combine two or more different colors to make a new color. 
What you will need is:
Hair pin or mini spatula
Paper towels
Small pot or jar to put your lipstick into
A lip brush or toothpick
Access to a microwave
What we are going to do is:
a. First, using a hair pin, scrap out the lipstick from the lipstick container, which maybe the cap with the smashed lipstick or the base with the last bit of your lipstick. Put this in a small microwave safe container. If you have any broken lipsticks, you know when the stick just breaks out, add those to the container too.
NOTE: I’m using long lasting lipstick, and I prefer a more moisturizing base for my lipsticks, so I added a tiny bit of Vaseline and mix it into the mixture lipstick.
Oke, once you have the lipstick in the container, put it in the microwave for a few seconds. Depending on the quantity of the lipstick, the time will vary. For an entire lipstick, do 30 seconds first. Check if the lipstick has melted completely. If not, microwave another 15-20 seconds. Remember, never let the lipstick boil to a liquid, microwave it just until it melts. Over heating will separate its oxides and the glitter that the lipstick contains, you don’t want that!
b. Once melted, mix the new mixture with lip brush or toothpick just to make sure that the mixture is really mixed properly.
c. Before it get cool, clean the jar edges with clean paper towel.
d. Enjoy! The new lipstick can be applied with a lip brush or your finger.
NOTE: I find that melting the lipsticks does not change the consistency, color or taste. Provided don’t get it boiled on a microwave. I figure that they were melted originally into the lipstick mold, so melting it again won't do anything.
Another advantage of lipstick palettes is they are compact, easy to carry in a purse, very handy and they give you a chance to form new fun shades each time. If you are travelling or want your makeup to take lesser space, it’s a great alternative.
Tips: What you can do when you don’t have any access to microwave?
Place lipstick that has been sliced into pieces to the big metal spoon. Using a match light the candle, hold the metal spoon containing the broken lipstick over the candle until the lipstick has melted. Then, pour the mixture into a clean and empty container.

And last but not least, the faces of me. :)


  1. Very interesting. Gonna do this to my poor broken lippie tomorrow :D

  2. Very interesting. Gonna do this to my poor broken lippie tomorrow :D

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