Monday, May 23, 2011

Malacca Part 2 - Ikan Bakar at Umbai

I cannot resist this once I’m in Malacca. Ikan Bakar at Umbai. Lots of restaurants waiting but we have our favourite one – Haji Nasir Ikan Bakar. The foods are cheap, nice and most importantly, the foods are fresh as they are locally catch and cook as we wished.
We arrived early at 530pm, few families has arrived and start to queue to select the seafood. Here, they not only offer grilled fish, but all type of fresh sea creature like crabs, cockle, squid and oysters and of course fish. You will get a slap if you ask for Atlantic Ocean Fish like Salmon – get if from The Manhattan Fish Market.
We chose clam (lala), flower crab, golden snapper (ikan jenahak if I’m not mistaken) and squid.  It is fresh, just choose the size and amount and they will put it on the weighing scale, and make an order.

The restaurant located exactly before the estuary. Our table is uncovered one, but there is a covered section. There are no walls, so you can forget about air-conditioning. Fishing boats arrive at the shore and unload some of the seafood to the long stretch of restaurants nearby.
Some people love to enjoy the grill fish with nasi lemak. I ate my nasi lemak before the seafood served. It is a small one and the sambal is damn spicy, I totally can’t stand the heat. The otak-otak quite good compared to what we normally have in KL. But it is totally uncomparable to otak-otak in Tanjung Lumpur, Pahang. The otak-otak and sata in Tanjung Lumpur is the best that I ever had. Proud to be Pahang born.
Grill golden snapper served with special sauces that is made from tamarind juice mix with soy sauce and added bird chillies. I don’t take this. Spicy!!
Clam (lala) is very fresh and fantastic.
My favorite is the sweet and sour crab. Forget the cutlery here, enjoy the food with hand is the best. The crabmeat is sweet, white and fluffy. Best gila. The sweet and sour gravy just oke.
Deep fried squid ring. It was alright, quite nice, but not fantastically good. Serve with chilli sauce.
We ate until full and no left over.
On my way back to KL, the traffic at first quite smooth, but later..

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