Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Johnny's Restautant

Hello everyone, I will less talk in this entry. So Johnny’s Restaurant, one of my favorite place to enjoy a steamboat. Johnny’s serves steamboat mainly, besides they also have ala-carte food. I just not fancy at all the ala-carta ones but their steamboat sometimes makes me addicted. At the same time it is healthy. They have many outlets around Malaysia.
What I normally had at Johnny’s is steamboat set for 2 persons, well the range of dish choices for the meal are good, not too shabby for the price. 
For 2 persons set, it comes with thin chicken slices, seafood balls, and so on as you can see in the pictures. What I love most is their seafood ball, very firm and juicy. It tasted succulent and flavorful.  And the next most important thing to steamboat is the dipping sauce, strong aroma of garlic, ginger, lime juice, sesame oil and of course chilies. This is the reason why I keep come back to Johnny’s.  The clear soup base is actually fine for me but it was really great after it absorbed all the added seafood’s flavor.

Another carb
Thai tea, free refill
Chicken Wings - just oke
A J Card member..? Enjoy discount 10%
Normally I spent less than RM50 for 2 person set, and I satisfy. Overall, the restaurant is clean, well designed and I immediately felt welcomed once I entered it. Some outlets provide smoking area.
Food Type: Thai
Price: Reasonable
Cleanliness Vote : 4.5/5
Food Vote : 4/5 
Revisit : Once a month is a must for me.

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