Friday, March 18, 2011

Middle Eastern Food : Al Rawsha

If you are Arabic food lover, you might familiar with Al-Rawsha Restaurant. Newly located at Jalan Kampung Pandan, it is easily accessible from centre of Kuala Lumpur. It was located at Jalan Damai previously, the place was scarcity of space due to massive customers keep coming and to get a parking is big pain!
Parking friendly
Spacious and welcoming entrance
Let’s skip starter or appetizer, I start of with Lamb Mandy. Arabic food is well known for their big portion compared to our local dishes. Almost double. My lecturer when I was a student said, (he is from Bosnia) at first he had our local food, he will have to add another whole loaf of bread, or at least half of it. Then a friend of mine which from Saudi Arabia said only their people will able to finish the dishes (compared to our local people). I can say that I’m agree with him because they are big eater.
Nice long fragrance rice
For lamb lover like me, this is a must for you to try. Served with rice, few slices of carrot and green chili, oh yes two special gravy which is tomato and sour yogurt. The rice was soft, nicely in long shape and fragrance. The best way to enjoy lamb mandy is to eat with hand, no fork and spoon needed so that both gravy mix well with rice. What’s more, the lamb was so juicy and tasty. Fantastic.

For those who are not lamb eater just like my sister in law, there is Chicken Mandy for you. As my brother told me, the traditional way to make a mandy is to cook underground
I had Lamb Kebab as my second dish. The meat looks dry but it is actually not. Grill perfectly and tasted loads of herbs, it served with Lebanon bread, mini pizza, and fries. How to enjoy the kebab it is all up to you. Some people will enjoy their kebab by eating the grill lamb first follow by the bread, I prefer to have everything in one bite by wrapping the meat, yeah just like ordinary kebab.

Chicken Kebab
Lamb Sandwich

Lamb (again) Sandwich, oh I heart this so much, just like I love. Not like lamb kebab, the meat still have the strong aroma of lamb. It was tasty, succulent, moist and scrumptious. Added with mayonnaise to neutralize lamb smell, and wrap around with soft tortilla. It was so nicely aromatic and appetizing that I would have consumed more if I could.
The drinks

This is my lovely niece, Annisa
Ice cream as dessert, the taste like normal ice cream, but the caramel sauce will makes you suffering from diabetes if you consume it frequently.
Shisha, anyone..?
We ate like there’s no tomorrow, damn full and no leftover. Then I walked out from restaurant like 5 months pregnant lady. LOL. Haha
You will have great food with affordable price and great service. Al-Rawsha Restaurant surrounded with local crowd mostly families. I would definitely go back.

Food Type: Middle Eastern Food (Lebanese)
Price: Reasonable
Cleanliness Vote : 4.8/5
Food Vote : 4/5 
Revisit : Definitely

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