Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bridal Make Up : Solemnization

I'm back! Sorry for neglecting this blog for such a long time. Hehe. So I did a make up for my good friend, Kak June for her solemnization on errr..last month.
Before. She didn't sleep at all the night before.

The cheerful and easy-going Kak June wanted a natural look for her solemnization day. I try to avoid a heavy foundation. Many people say you need to wear a thick coat of foundation on your wedding day. Well for me, that was completely not true. She has great skin, so show off the natural radiance and luminosity. Provided the complexion looks fresh and even. The pictures posted here are all my own. No official pictures yet.
Almost done


  1. cantikkkkknyew...saper lah tu...

  2. Hui macam kenal ja sapa duk comment ni.

  3. hahahahahahaha... kantoi lah plak ek?

  4. Hee nak main cikucak tau dia ni