Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No more Monday Blues

Monday night : Sit down on my bed before lying down to sleep, n tell myself that next morning im going to wake up one hour earlier than usual. Why..? Jemur baju n make some breakfast. :)

Waking up earlier gives me more time in the morning, so why not enjoying nourishing n tasty breakfast..? Even a simple one, bujang la katakan. Prepare something that i love.

**roti nak expired on next day, so buat extra n bawa bekal for lunch skali

This is my lunch

"eh cukup ke tu..?"

"cukup tau.."

Dia tak tahu I bantai 6 keping beskut cicah nescafe lepas makan sandwich tu.

5pm. Damn my brain not working coz it got msg from ferut says " I need food food food". Sate Burger Nasi Lemak. Lapar oke nampak bulan bintang dah. Luckily i survived until 6pm n drive back home. Dinner..?
This is Nasi Goreng Ayam
 The best Nasi Goreng Ayam ever versi warung. Where..?

Somewhere in Kampung Pandan

Kalau I cakap sedap, memang sedap..

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