Friday, October 29, 2010

Bad Eyebrow

 Nice skin, satin silky lips but the eyebrow..! L
Black, bold and thick eyebrow look is in right now. Yes I know that but not for those who already have dark eyebrows and hair. Katy has really black hair, black eyebrows, and black eyelashes. The penciled in eyebrows look overpowering. But she still look gorgeous, though. 
With bangs too, but better eyebrow J

This is what u’ll get when u overplucked ur eyebrow.
But, once u overplucked, don’t simply tenyeh ur eyebrow. U’ll get this.

Don’t shave off ur eyebrow and draw them with pencil. U should leave hair there. 
Auch..What she was thinking..? We have serious problem here. She needs to get a mirror, huge one and re-examine that situation going on above her eyes, because we have a serious problem.
U again..? Enough. Get off from here. U scared people.
“I wanna show ‘em my jelingan sexy ever” 

Tak sexy pon..Thats scary.

“I know im sexy. My eyes are sexy and my lips are kissable”



  1. He he he, I love her lips makeup.
    Just curious, where did you take that pictures from? :)

  2. Hello Anto, all the pictures are from google. I think she has enough guts to do the look :)

  3. Katy's eyebrows are great in the first pic. Perfect with that gorgeous hair - altogether gorgeous!

  4. Yes Katy's eyebrows *were* (she lost herself and her fashin compass since months, now, lol) great especially the thicker ones, or at least both equally great , just different.
    About the crazy girl at the bottom, well, her hair looks like a wig, she overdrawn her eyebrows to an impossible shape, I like her hair makeup. Lips: Too much irregular, I like shaping lip in unconventional and edgy designs, but upper and lower lips must be much more harmonized than Hers.
    Ingmar Sardinia.

  5. "I like her eye makeup" lol, not hair!

  6. I like ur post..u have naturally humour there :)
    That person in in red lost my word *speechless

  7. with katys gorgeous features and brows suit her best!!! the first pic looks better.
    and there are many blondes who have black madonna!
    and even marilyn monroe had darker brows.
    stop telling people how to wear their makeup, its their preference. megan fox has black brows too