Saturday, October 23, 2010

How Do I Shape My Brow

I haven’t trim my eyebrow for month to prepare this entry J

Oke. On my eyebrow, I want to shape them up a bit, but not give an extreme arch.  I will work with what I currently have, that’s my rule. So let’s begin.
Brush ur eyebrow straight up. Cut the excess hairs that longer coming out of natural shape on top. Kasi potong itu bulu kening mcm lalang J hua hua.. Some people will brush the eyebrow downward n cut again the excess hair below the brush, but I just don’t that. Next :
Brush eyebrow to remove sepahan2 kening yang u dah potong tadi.
I start off dengan yang atas. Pull ur eyebrow lateral gently, n using tweezer, tweeze the upper hair. Unfortunately I can’t show u how I pull my eyebrow bcoz 1 hand holding the camera n another 1 holding the tweezer. Remember to follow ur natural shape. Jangan nak buat kening McDonald lak.

Next, tweeze the lower hair at ‘a’ area. For better precision, pull ur eyebrow up.
** don’t pull ur eyebrow too harsh, I worry nanti natural shape akan lari. Kalau u not very firm on this, trim sikit2 then stop. Look in the mirror, step back, n see how u are doing. Mana la tau u overpluck ke, tak simetri ke, kanan kening Ziana Zain kiri kening McDonald. Hehe

‘b’ area. I just trim ‘em follow the natural shape. Trim gently upward.
Step back n see is there any part yang u kene trim lagi. 

Take a brown eyebrow pencil. But for me, I pilih yang natural looking like dark brown eye shadow. Make sure it is matte finish. Then apply it lightly and evenly with a firm bristled angled brush, using short sharp strokes across the brow to fill in any gaps. Kalau u tak sure the color outcome, u can test on ur hand dulu. Mana la tau the color too dark ke, too light ke kan.
Finish off with brow gel. And u done! Oh yea, kalau u feel a bit hurt after trimming, rub a moisturizer on the brow area. It can heal. 


 Always go for dark brown color for eyebrow, no black please. Unless u nak buat Arabian or gothic make up look. Because I found that black makes ur face look darker, older n tak natural langsung. Macam apa tau..macam ada lintah kat kening. Hee..


  1. Your eyebrows are gorgeus and perfectly shaped with that shaping razor. Great for girl who want to start doing their eyebrows and look for tips on how to do it well. Ingmar

  2. Yes, with razors you have much more control on what you're doing, it's even faster and pain free.
    I mean it is fair, especially for you eyebrow bone and for gently remove stray hairs in the soft skin above eyes, and that fuzz in your forehead.
    I read you get yourself threaded for a period, looks like it's ouchy. Did you go back to shaving? It's no visual worth difference, i mean either way I couldn't have guessed you grow stray hair if you didn't talk about. ;-)

  3. Yes Ingmar eyebrow threading is really pain for me but the result is completely amaze me. I shave my brow 3-4 weeks after I get my brow threaded.

  4. So you are back to the razor since 4 weeks? How often do you need to retouch and start to feel bristly? I mean, even if it was every other day, it is so comfortable and fast, I don't think it is an hassle. Is your stick razor durable? Why didn't you moisturized your eyebrow? I'd even wet them, before shaving ;-). Thanks for your kind answers.

  5. With razor, I need to touch up my brow almost every alternate day. I do moisturize my brow before shaving sometimes, but normally I pluck/shave my brow after I take shower so that the razor glide smoothly on moisturized skin.

  6. Guess what, to me, the main flaw of shaving method, when it comes to eyebrows is also one of its main strength along with being fast and painless. The hair get just cut and grows back soon, but this also means you won't risk not being able to get back your original shape or change your eyebrow styles. Look at how many women don't get back their eyebrows due to overplucking. Let's say this month you want your eyebrows very high arched and thin, and the next month you'll want them back much thicker but a lower arch. You will need the lower eyebrow to grow back and start shaving your eyebrow from the higher peak, for a litte lower eyebrow. The transition can be handled with a moderate use of the pencil liner.
    Also shaving exfoliate, I heard (or read) waxing may risk thinning and loosing the skin below eyebrows.
    Just out of curiosity, where do you write from? I'm Sardinian. :)

  7. Thanks for your opinion, Ingmar. :) I'm from Malaysia, locally here. Warm hello from Malaysia. Hugs!

  8. Hugs back to you :).
    Oh so much less girls like to shve their eyebrows in America. Let alone here in Italy, they even wax their legs! Ouch!
    Why this?
    I think They believe shaved hair grow back thicker which is an old wives tale, (no offence to the many intelligent real old wives :D). What's your view about it?
    They also often go to the estetician, misguided by beauty business, while the could make their whole face smooth and tidy for less tha 1$ see here
    By the way never wanted to vary your eyebrow shape :), you have hair enough for different shapes, then where did you get that translucent razor, is it durable?
    Thanks for the conversation.

  9. Where are you ended up?
    :) know I'm sorry if my conversation ever bored you. Hugs
    I were just curious ;)

  10. Hey, I'm sorry I haven't drop a word here. There something wrong with my blog. All my pichas has been gone I don't know why :(

  11. Ooh. I feel sorry you. What pictures got deleted?
    I'm anyhow curious about your answers, if you still like to talk about it ;). Good luck, I hope you fix your nice blog. I Don't have one so I don't know jack about it XD then I'm afraid I can't help, sorry.

  12. Welcome back, Fifi :).
    I'm still curious about what's your view about what I said in my march 26 comment. As I said, given you're not through of it.
    thanks, darling.

  13. Hello Anto, sorry I left my blog so long.
    1. I got my razor at super cheap price at Watson. I can't remember how much, but it is affordable.
    2. Shaving is alright, but sometimes it can cause bumps & razor burns and if you do it wrong you can cut yourself. But waxing only hurts the first few times you go, just like threading. Then it doesn't hurt as much. I suggest waxing because the hairs stay gone for longer, you don't have to wax too often.
    3. I never shave my upper lips. Shaving in my opinion was easier and quicker. But some says the hair will grows back darker (but not thicker) and it will only be worse. So for upper lips, I will say threading or bleaching is the best.

  14. You're right about the thicker point: when we shave and let the hair grows back, its shaft lacks the tapered end, it looks thicker as we shaved it at its base is actually thicker. it feels harder due to the "bamboo law" :).

    But the hair doesn't know when it gets cut, it has a limited grow cicle that can't be altered bt styling, if you pay attention not much af the shaved hair gets close to the lenght of unshaven hair, but this can easily confuse us, cause even among unshaven hair there are different lengths as many hairs is at different stages of their cycle.
    The unshaved hair is not still, it simply doesn't exceed a determined lenght dictated by its lifetime, the majority of our body hair seemingly still is growing, a minority is still and about to fall, this minority won't grow back soon after shaved as it is resting, but we see the majority of hair which is still growing, we are aware of this growth as it starts from a bare skin.

    Sometimes hair actually grows thicker, darker, faster *after* shaving but *not because* of it. It is when we start to get hair in our adolescence and we start to shave, the we actually get hairier thanks to our hormones because we are growing up, we simply are shaving at the same time.
    The beard is simply predisposed to potentially grow long and thick, but some men leg, chest etc, become very hairy and wiry, despite they never shave there.

    So for your upper lip (but looks like you have just peach fuzz) waxing may be better because you can forget you have hair for longer time, but you'd never get a beard or worse hair because you shave. Another reason is that shaving may leave you a feeling that the hair is still there (actually is, it's just so short it is invisible).
    Thanks for your reply, fifi
    See you soon.

    See you soon, fifi.

  15. Thanks so much, Anto. Appreciate it. :) XX