Friday, November 12, 2010

My Experience : Eyelash Extension Part 2

People keep asking me how long the extension last. Well it depends on how u manage n take care of it. The longest that I have been almost 2 months (no touch up).

But people keep warning me that the extensions are bad for my real lashes. Ye la the lashes stick to ur real lashes for months. I worried that when I finally took my eyelash extensions off, I'd lose a lot of my real lashes. Yes dear it happens

My BAD experience on eyelash extension! Look at this.

The picha taken 2 weeks after I had my extension off. Can u imagine the first few days after I took off my extension..? Well, scary the movie. I lost a lot of my eyelashes. Horrific. My eyelid become swollen and irritate. I look so so odd without any eyelashes. I feel botak. Tanx God it’ll grow back. 

If u want long lashes to make ur eye pop, just take the damn time to stick on falsies. You pay a heavy heavy price for eyelash extension n it last for a month.

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