Monday, November 15, 2010

My Haircare Routine

First entry about my haircare. 

Here is a picture of my hair:

My hair type - My hair is naturally straight, silky, very fine but a bit fried at bottom. Even my hair is dry, my scalp can get quite oily if I don't look after it properly. People keep asking me if I’d rebond or straighten my hair when I haven’t done anything to it. Yes it kinda straight, naturally. I won’t rebond my hair because my hair is fine and thin and I’m afraid after rebonding my head look flat and my face look chubbier. 

Products in my current routine

1. Lakme Teknia Deep Care Shampoo
I would describe the scent as sweet and fruity. The scent heavenly sweet and it last throughout the day. It doesn't lather as much as drugstores shampoos like Pantene or Sunsilk, so it takes a bit to get used too. I applying shampoo everyday and made my hair dry, but no worries as it contains Wheat Amino Acid that cares hair by acting in depth from inside out. I found this product to be moisturizing and because it is creamy it does not leave hair feeling dry.

2. Lakme Teknia Deep Care Moisturizer Gel
Description – Natural Moisturizing Factors – rich supply condition by moisturizing in depth. Manageability is visibly and immediately approved. 
Yes it leaves my hair silky smooth and oh so manageable. Bonus, it smells amazing and u can rinse it very easily. It gives to my hair a smooth effect. 

3. Loreal Elseve Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz Serum (I love this product so much)
I fell in love so much with this hair serum for it makes my hair more manageable than usual looks. I have first used this product about 3 - 4 years ago when I walked into Watson for nothing and grab the serum without any recommendation. U will not find it hard to look for this item in the store. Bonus, this item is not that expensive the fact that it is a product of Loreal. So I never had a second thought of buying this hair serum.
I love using this product daily, every morning when my hair is still wet. 2 pumps of this transparent hair serum and after I gently massage on my hair, my hair miraculously became shinny. Since I dyed my hair, I concentrate more at the end of my hair because that part is a bit dry. Result..? My hair does not only looks healthy but it also smells good and well-blended with my shampoo and conditioner even they are not in same line.
I have tried other brands of hair serum like the one from Watsons but the Loreal Elseve Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz Serum is remarkably far different. My hair never feels sticky or uncomfortable even I am sweating. It makes my hair healthier, no split ends, and no more frizz.  It does not bring flakes or dandruff in my scalp.
This hair serum is a very good for everyday use, definitely a high recommended.

4. Lakme K.Style Finish Up Monoi Balm
It says “Let your hair know who the boss. You choose the hold and texture, your hair obeys.”
For me, it was more of a leave-on conditioner that made my hair softer but not shinier and frizz free. So I just dry my hair first and apply the balm after. I warm it up with my hands so that it’ll work better just as if I blow-dried my hair. It really moisturizes and control to my hair. The best part of the balm is it makes my hair silky feel and fantastic orange smell.

5. O2 Hydramoist Aroma Ironic Series Mono Fiber Restructuring Complex (what a long name)
Unlike other serums, this is very thick version. Thus, you’ll only need a small amount on your hair. It comes in a packaging that u pop the top and squeeze out the right amount you want. Because the serum is very thick, you can easily control how much comes out of the bottle.
I like to use just a tiny drop and warm it on my hands before applying it onto my hair. Also, it’s best applied to partly-dried hair, even dry hair. Anyway, I really like this product because it adds shine to my hair. When I applied this product, there was an instant smoothness that I could feel. This product fixes everything wrong with my hair. Dull? it brings the shine. Dry? it brings the moisture.

6. Gliss Kur - Liquid Silk Gloss Express Repair Conditioner
1 word. Regret. I wish that I could have glossy hair but too bad it doesn't work. It leave my hair oily, no shine or glossy at all and it smell bad. It doesn't smell like fruity or flowers, it smells a bit like cough syrup..? I don't know but it makes me dizzy. But I couldn’t blame the product as I don’t use shampoo and conditioner within the same range.
7. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

I apply this product to my hair as a leave in hair moisturizer for whole night and wash it in the next morning. I shampoo my hair twice. The first round is to get rid of the oil in my scalp, the second wash is to let my hair absorb the essential oils in the shampoo. I found it fantastic for the hair as my hair has become so much softer and lighter compared to just washing it with normal hair conditioner. My hair also has become much more shiner and healthy looking after I used it. An old saying tells us that coconut milk/oil great for healthy and shiny hair. 

**Tips: Before I wet my hair, I comb it with a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles. Then, shampoo as usual.

I got this wooden tooth comb for RM 1.50 at Pasar Malam Cina. :)

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