Sunday, November 14, 2010

DIY : Beras Pulut Face/Body Scrub

Home made beras pulut scrub. I loyal to this scrub since I was 14 years old. What you will need is, beras pulut sahaja. Senduk kuali blender dapur gas tu dah ada kan...??
Goreng tanpa minyak, small heat and you have to be sure that you keep stir and stir to avoid the beras hangit.

Until it became like this (below)

Leave it to cool for a while before u blend it halus2

Done !
Take tiny amount and mix with water, and scrub in gentle, wide and circular upstrokes muka you tu..

Good for :
  • Lighten the scar by removing dead skin.
  • To have soft, glowing and smooth skin.
  • Younger and healthier skin.
  • Avoiding pimples (hehe i loveee..!)
If you have sensitive skin, it may works for you since it is 100% natural (depends on how sensitive skin you have).

For those people are with normal, combination to oily skin, this will definitely good for you, provided you follow with soothing toner and moisturizer after exfoliation.


  1. Thanks Fifi, I'll try the scrub. Cheers, alison

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