Friday, November 26, 2010

Kuey Teow Kerang Kg. Baru

The best Kuey Teow in the world:
  1. My mom’s Kuey Teow.
  2. My very own cook Kuey Teow
  3. Kuey Teow Kerang Kg Baru ( Gerai Pak Leh)
Kuey Teow fans out there would probably have heard about this stall called Kuey Teow Kerang Kg Baru. No no this is not a Char Kuey Teow but a Kuey Teow Kerang (KTK) dish and there is a difference.
 I have been loyal for this KTK for years. It's just a simple stall by the street and they only serve KTK and Mee Goreng.
**Takde nasi2 bang. Kau nak nasik p gerai sebelah nu Restoran Pak Lang nu.  
You can enjoy KTK with
or both :). A plate of this tasty KTK will set you back at RM4.50. Not a hefty price to pay for a plate of happiness.

But, everyone knows how hard to get parking at Kg. Baru. Parking here is horrible. If you are lucky, you will get parking nearby the stall.
Oke, I like this place. It just a stall but the food is great, atmosphere is great except when it rains and a lot of people come here to makan even at 2am in the morning.

Food Type: Kuey Teow Kerang
Price: RM4.50/plate.
Cleanliness Vote : 3/5
Food Vote : 4.5/5
Revisit : Definitely! Im a loyal customer to them


  1. our next trip fi..hehe,mcm sodap tuh

  2. Boleh. Late night la best. Sebab 8pm - 10pm susah dapat parking.