Thursday, January 13, 2011

Egg Sandwich

Boiled eggs as door gifts are commonly used in Malay wedding. I have a lot of it and I will make a super easy and simple recipe. Egg sandwich, great for breakfast and brunch or even lunch.

Eggs are a source of significant amounts of protein and are much more economical than protein's most common source such as meat. Eggs are also an excellent substitute for meat, except for people who need to limit their cholesterol intake.
So, to prepare an egg sandwich, you will need:

Fresh Lettuce
Pepper, then grind it to powder to add taste
Bread of your choice and butter or margarine. 
If you are concern about health and cholesterol intake, you can have the egg yolk of 1 egg but if you do not mind the cholesterol content found in egg yolks, you can include all the egg yolks. Egg yolks are yummy.

In a bowl, mix evenly chopped egg and pepper (salt if you like, I don't). Spread some butter margarine on a slice of bread.

Normally I add mayonnaise and mix with the chopped egg. But this time, I don't have mayo. 
Now spread the chopped egg with pepper onto bread. Add tomato slices and lettuce leaves. Top with another slice of bread. Cut into half diagonally if desired before serving. Makes one sandwich

Breakfast treat to my colleagues.

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