Thursday, December 2, 2010

Darabif Burger

I love burger and Darabif’s is one of my top list.

Why I love burgers from Darabif..? Not only because Darabif is a local Malaysian company, but the taste and quality itself. I love the patty especially the lamb burger pretty juicy.

As you can see, the meal set very similar compared to McDonald’s or Burger King. It comes with soft drink and fries. I love the fries, it seasoned with pepper and not to salty. The taste was just nice. I have to wait for a while after ordering like 10 minutes because they fry and prepare the meal on the spot.

This is fries

This is lovely Lamb Glam Burger

This is the cut section of Lamb Glam Burger

I got myself a set of Lamb Glam Combo. Hehe. Don’t you know that I’m a lamb lover. As I said, the lamb was juicy, fresh and soft. It came with green mint sauce and it gives the lamb extra kick.
This is Maxi Moo Burger (Mean)
This is cut section of Maxi Moo Burger

The melted cheese and fresh lettuce and tomato make the burger taste better. And check out the patty’s thickness too, even thicker than the bun. Look at that, oh I’m hungry right now craving for this burger.
Darabif Burger , I love you. LOL
End of burger story. Now let's do the rating.

Food Type : Fast Food - Burger
Price : Reasonable, RM8.90 to RM15.90
Cleanliness : 5/5
Food Vote : 4/5
Revisit : Definitely la. 1.I'm a burger lover 2. IOI just 5 minutes from my place 3. I love lamb

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