Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tips : Leave Work Early

I draft this entry at office 2 days ago. I think the time was  a quarter to 6pm, which is time for me to get off from office. Beside beauty and food thingy, let me share you how to get off from office early. Oh I'm sorry there is no picture in this entry.

1. Super important : GET TO WORK ON TIME. If you find yourself trying to sneak into office late every morning, take a good look at what you did the night before. Prepare your work clothes out before going to bed and prepare breakfast the night before. All this time saved in the morning should not translate to more time to sleep in.  Beside, we can't predict how the traffic condition during morning. It means leaving home early and getting to work on time.

2. GET ORGANISED. People says, managing time is not the most important task, but managing self is. Start a day with a to-do-list and you'll amazed at how much you accomplish in 8 hours.

3. TECH-SAVVY. Start working online instead of running around getting things approved. i.e Email instead of faxing. However it doesn't mean wasting time on junk mail, web surfing, facebooking or online chatting.

4. SELECT YOUR MEETING. Before you spend 2 hours in a room full of people who have a vague agenda, make sure it's absolutely necessary for you to be there. Personally I hate 2 or more hours meeting because it will tend to digress and I have lots of paper work to be prepare.

5. CUT BREAK TIME. Unless you work in cafe, there's no reason why you should be hanging out three hours a day. Lunch for 1 hour and stay in for coffee/tea breaks. 

6. SPEAK LESS, DO MORE. I limit myself to two 10-15 minutes coffee/tea breaks (one before lunch, and one before leaving). long breaks lead to addictive and gossip time. 

7. DON'T OVER DO.  Some people have to check and re-check and check again before letting something to go. Well it's good to be careful but don't be paranoid. So, do it carefully at first time, and give it a thorough check. 

Now, go home..!!

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