Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Simply Penang

What makes the Assam Laksa tasty is the strong aroma of the herbs, the sourness of the soup and the quality of the prawn paste. The aroma and looks of this Assam Laksa is nice but the taste is something like onion version. The blended onion definitely kills the Assam Laksa kick. I can’t finish a bowl of this Assam Laksa. Ah Cheng Assam Laksa still the best for me.

Lor Bak. This is my new favorite. I can translate this as marinated chicken, and rolled into erm..a sheet. Not a popiah sheet. But I love love and love this as it is not spicy at all and the meat tender and tasty enough. It served with some salad and two specially prepared dipping sauce. One dipping sauce is sweet and spicy while the other is thick cornstarch with mild spice powder mixture. I don’t need the two sauces as the Lor Bak itself are fantastic. 

A plain porridge definitely tasteless and boring. But, this porridge’s accessories will give a hearty, flavorful porridge full of goodness. The accessories are minced chicken with sesame oil, two types of sambal (I’m sorry I can’t recall exactly the sambal, but it taste good), parsley and scallion, minced salty eggs and sliced ginger.

This is Chu Cheong Fun
You can find this easily when you eat Yong Tau Fu. It’s a steamed rice rolls with shrimp paste. This is special sauce which tasted different from ‘petis’ like you normally added to your Assam Laksa. It tasted a bit like to describe this, a mild version of ‘petis’ with peanut sauce. Again, I love this because it is not spicy. If you are spicy food lover, you can opt with added some chilli sauce and pickled green chillies.

A normal fried rice with added with tomyam flavor to give it extra kick, served with sambal, sunny side up egg and chicken wings.

Food Type: Penang special delights and a few more tasty local dishes.
Price: Reasonable
Cleanliness Vote : 4/5
Food Vote : 3/5 
Revisit : Yes 


  1. Fifi, nampak sedap2 laaa makanan tu. Len kali kalau gi makan ajak sekali laaa... :D

  2. Erm bola la tahan rasa dia. Tapi yang best portion die besar. Kalau lapar bebenor mmg sesuai sgt ler