Friday, December 3, 2010

Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Yogurt

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Then I had an ice cream for dessert. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. A healthy yogurt ice cream with variety of fruit flavors. The outlet is just next to Darabif’s. The ice cream’s texture was not bad, comparable to branded ice cream. Of course it is, mine was RM21.
It’s a DIY concept.

Take a cup, select the flavor and pulling down the handle (just like McDonald’s sundae)

Choose the toppings – fruit toppings and dry toppings. Don’t forget the syrup
Lastly, weight and pay. The rate is RM 0.53/10gm. A time to regret. Haha

This is my friend, As

Oh I my mind not working currently because I keep thinking of Darabif Burger and Tutti Frutti. Tomorrow, yes I’m gonna get mine a set of lamb burger and compliment it with my ice cream yogurt.

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Food Type : Dessert - frozen yogurt
Price : Slightly on high side
Cleanliness : 5/5
Food Vote : 3.8/5
Revisit : When I'm craving for ice cream so much, it will be definitely. 

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